Hi, I am Febe Scanland

I'm a passionate and wildly creative wedding photographer. I'm known for incorporating warm bursts and sun flares into my work to create dreamy and light filled images. With a great attitude and friendly demeanor, I'm able to connect with my clients and help them feel beautiful and at ease while in front of the camera. I do believe that capturing the small and simple elements of a wedding help to truly represent a couple's special day. From the sweet smile of a groom's grandmother as she watches her grandson dance with his new wife, to the bride's veil blowing gently across her face right before the exchanging of rings. I'm ready to capture each special moment of the bride and groom's big day. Additionally I like to spend time documenting all the décor and beautiful detail found throughout the venue. From the wedding cake topper and beautiful bride's shoes to the floral centerpieces and antique dinner plates, each component of a wedding is carefully thought out and should therefore be captured for the bride and groom to look back on and enjoy. Always I'm happy to meet new, wonderful people and would love to create timeless memories of your big day.

The team

A Good Marriage isn't something you find, its something you MAKE and you have to keep on making it. Maybe it's cell generation but like entirely different people from when we first got married 11/24/10. Perhaps my favorite thing about the concept of marriage is that its a commitment to mutually allow time, the space and Spirit to smooth our edges and strengthen our characters, Yes it can be painful, messy, fun, entertaining WORK so I'm glad do it with someone I REALLY REALY LIKE.

Doug and I are a married photography team, and we've developed an interesting approach to how we split up the responsibilities of shooting a wedding as husband and wife photographers.

Doug’s role on a wedding day is so much more than my second shooter. He knows what our couples need, knows the special details to capture, and is always prepared to capture those candid moments. I never have to second guess or wonder if he “got the shot”.

We have really honed in on our strengths and weaknesses this past year and together we can depend on each other to help when needed, be consistent, and be prepared on wedding days to give our couples our very best.

There are lots of reasons to hire a husband and wife photography team for your wedding day.

Here is a few of then: We’ve been where you are, and we know what it takes to plan and pull off a wedding. And, because there’s two of us, we’re able to be in two places at once. This doubles your coverage, meaning you get a greater variety of perspectives, candid's, and details.

When you hire a husband & wife photography team, you know exactly who’s going to show up that morning prepared to photograph your day.

Having two photographers that know how each other work helps to save time on your wedding day.

This is us, we love to have fun in front of the cameras and make our clients feels comfortable when we are behind the cameras.